Traveling to Japan – Mobile Phones

Traveling to Japan – Mobile Phones

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While in Japan you may want to keep your mobile phone in Airplane mode as ROAMING and calls can be expensive. You can run up a $200 bill in about 2 or 3 days. But you know all the information you need is on the internet. While you can search for open Wifi in public places and there are plenty of places that have free Wifi it’s not always where you need it to be. So while in Japan you can rent a mobile hot spot to take with you everywhere, even on the train at 150 MPH.

Rent a Mobile Hot Spot for Japan

This is a perfect way for you to get to the internet no matter where you are in Japan all for about $3 – $7 per day for really fast internet access. You order it before you go and have it sent to your hotel. Pick it up and start using it. When you are about to leave drop it in a red mail box and it’s done. Order this a few weeks before you depart so that it’s at the hotel when you arrive.

I will warn you the batteries in these devices are not built to run 24 hours a day so you will need to do a little planning ahead. Either have two of them on you, which I have seen done or have a USB batter charger that you can take with you. Charge that up at night. Drain the hotspot and then charge it up using the USB Battery. I assure you this will make your trip so much better. I also took my iPad Mini with me and that made for a very good tool when I needed a bigger screen.

My last trip I took my T-Mobile phone with me and it worked like a charm. T-Mobile has an agreement with Japanese cell phone companies to work in Japan with no extra charges. AT&T & Verizon don’t. You need to call them first and work out what that is going to cost you…and it’s going to be high.

There were some moments when I didn’t get the best internet speeds but who cares it was free and it worked about 98% of the time.

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