Traveling to Japan

Traveling to Japan


 So you want to visit Japan?

There are so many things I learned in Japan this summer while on Vacation in 2014 & 2016 (and while I lived there from 1993 – 1996). I will share those with you.

Japan can really be (and in my opinion is) one of the most fabulous places on earth to visit. I was able to spend 3 years in Japan in the 90’s (while in the Navy) and 14 days this in(2014). Then a second trip in 2016.

I would go back right now if asked. I have always considered moving back there to live. Japan is just one of those places that always felt like home to me.

I would encourage you to visit Japan and take it all in. It’s unlike any place on earth really. Japan is amazing. While Europe seems like a nice place there is nothing over that way that tugs at my heart like Japan does. Of course I am open to anything you want to know and will be happy to answer any questions.

Take time and read what I have and enjoy Japan! – David

Summary of Japan

It’s an island off the coast of Korea. You know this already but I had to start some place. The people of Japan make Japan what it is today. They are kind, quiet and considerate. They are also very shy. It’s not uncommon for them to spend much of their day dedicated to one thing and doing it well. They are masters of whatever they do. Take time to respect that and embrace it. The country is filled with traditions and expectations. It’s also filled with kindness. The Japanese people are very kind and very happy. At the same time they are very reserved. A few beers or glasses of sake let that go a little, but you will never know what is actually in their hearts and minds as they keep that to themselves.

For this reason see all you can but be very observant and remember you manners! You are guest in Japan and nothing more.

Getting to Japan

For everyone, since it is an island, you will need to fly there. Flights from the US can be expensive. Keep in mind you are traveling about 6000+ miles. The average cost to Japan from Texas or Chicago is about $1200 round trip. That is the average. The last trip to Japan I paid $570 round trip. I got a great deal. There are deals, special and hidden gems and you have to stay diligent

One would think they need to sign up for all kinds of alerts, but seems no one really offers a good way to find a cheap script to watch for flights.One site that kind of helps is Airfare Watchdog. Tinker with it and see what you can find.

Google flights is by far the best way but it requires you to keep going back. In the end I used Google flights. I am able to see lower cost days and find the best round trip price with a graph. I like graphs.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.29.03 PM
Google Flights – Charlotte to Narita


The Flight Over

From the US the flight time is about 11 hours. This seems like a long time but it goes by pretty fast. There are usually two meals on the flight and the lights go out so you can sleep. Make sure you sleep on the flight. Find some way to get some rest. Most flights leave the US about 12 PM – 4 PM and you fly with the sun getting into Narita about 3 or 5 PM the next day. You are traveling with the sun so when you get there it’s going to be day time. Prepare to stay up and take it all in.

Part 2 will talk about your first hour of so in Japan.


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